When did it all begin?  Why are you doing this?

That is what I have been asked before and what I struggle to answer. There is not one defining moment, is more of a natural progression.

As a child, I have been escaping in mini-universes, in my imagination, trying to escape the grey and recent-post-communist reality of my city and country. I dreamt of worlds where I was big, I was small, I was scary, I was happy… however, I never had enough attention span to keep my universes full length. They were always changing, jumping from one to another with the speed of light. Frenetic whispers, flashes of images would morph to delight and scare me. I watched cartoons while covering one eye at a time, then squinting and trying with the force of pure will to convince myself that white was not white and red was blue. In short words, I was a strange, experimental child.

I grew and kept watching cartoons and discovered shorts. That was it! Love at first sight. The one that impacted me the most was From The Big Bang To Tuesday Morning (2000) by Claude Cloutier -short featured on this website. Oh, the beauty of it all! The mix between fantastic music, great drawings and nice negative story about the impact of humanity. And how I despise humanity in general! Is one of those things that you experience and you want to share with your friends, but you also expect them to be as delighted as you are. If they fail to feel the same intensity, you wonder: are we really friends?

I though shorts are like ballet (no offence!): for the privileged, snobby, conceptual. Nothing farther from the truth! If you enjoy cartoons, if you ever have been hang-over, if you ever had a wet-dream, if you ever tripped around, like to draw, like odd things… if you even dislike everything, then you like shorts!

I have been pushed. So I started watching more, wanting to share the pure joy I was feeling with others so I started inviting friends over, then organizing one event, making a channel and doing this page as well.

What is next?

Hopefully organizing more and more events, growing this project as much as possible and finding a team of like-minded individuals with whom to have a blast watching shorts and make others smile!

What is Shorts OR Nothing?

Shorts Or Nothing is a project meant to appropriate  the creators/animators with the public. As well as a good platform for creating connexions and promoting artists.

Services (or what we actually do):

  • Curator of shorts
  • Organizer of events
  • Subtitles Creator

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Get animated! :+)

Text by: K.L. (creator)