Half bábka



Nicely drawn animation tells the story of a woman treating her cat as a baby and what happens when things go too far…

An old, lonely woman does everything with her cat. She loves him so much, as a child her toy.

directing and animation: Jasmine Elsen
Sound: Michal Paluga
Music: Bardia Sheikholes Lami Ghazvini
voice: Eva Nave


Anima Syros 2014 (Greece)
Pisaf 2014 (South Korea) AWARD: Special Distinction price
BAF Bradford 2014 (UK)
Primanima 2014 (Hungary)
Animateka 2014 (Slovenia)
Les sommets du cinéma d’animation 2014 (Canada)
JIM explore 2014 (Belgium)
Acko 2014 (Slovakia)
Anilogue festival 2014 (Hungary)
Aubagne International Filmfestival 2015 (France)
Stuttgart Trickfilmfestival 2015 (Germany)
Kustendorf 2015 (Serbia)
Athens animfest 2015 (Greece)
Fete de l’anim Lille 2015 (France)
Mediawave Budapest 2015 (Hungary)
Melbourne MIAF international animation festival 2015 (Australia) -Window on Slovakia
Competition Program of IAFF “Golden kuker-Sofia” 2015 (Bulgaria)
festival LISFF 2015 (Slovenia)
ZLIN film festival 2015 (Czech Republic)
Tbilisi International Student Film Festival “AMIRANI 2015” (Georgia)
International Festival of Animated Films ANIFILM 2015 (Czech Republic)
ANNECY 2015 (France) -women and animation: the future is woman
Fest Anča 2015 (Slovakia) AWARD: Anca Slovak Award
Anibar Animation Festival 2015 (kosovo)
Rex animation film festival 2016 (Sweden) -The Slovakian selection

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