985 Days


Some friendships last forever, others last 985 Days! This made in Barcelona short tells a color-blocking, little sour-little sweet story of two friends from the beginning until the doom.

985 Days is shot in the style of advertising, which, even though does not portray an original concept, does stand-out with a minimalist look, attention to detail, a very well placed (almost OCD) sense of color and decor.

Very enjoyable…

985 DAYS follows the surreal evolution of two girls and their bold relationship in a funky, playful, and oddly relatable, 2 minutes. The story visualises the little crazy things in life which we sometimes don’t see but that are very much still there.
This a self produced, personal project created and directed in Barcelona by Clim and Jade de Robles.


Written and Directed by:
Clim & Jade de Robles


Sophie: Noemi Blasco
Julia: Sarah Helve
Voice Over Artist: Alex Warner

Live Action Production:
DOP: Ferran Capo
Gaffer: Yago Ruiz
Gaffer: Rober Pérez
Art Department: Lo Contrario
Live Action Production Assistant: Marta Riudavets
Stylist: Danae Fischer
Stylist: Raquel Llaberia
Hair & Make up Artist: Alba Pesas

Post Production:
Storyboard Artist & Lettering: Jordi Ros
Colour Correction: Jaume Ponsa / Artic tv
Edition and Post Production: I am Clim
Music & Sound Design: Alex Candela / Flow Audio

A very special thanks to:
Fake Studio, Hornet, Joan Janer, Cadaver Exquisit, Hunch Office
Wall n Wood, Lola, Pau Garcia, Julien Gaboriau.

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