TV Recommendation: King Star King (2013-2014)


IMDb Rating: 5.9/10 (Ouch!!!)

This is one funny cartoon, which unfortunately is only one season long. King Star King really makes you wonder if you are sure you did not take drugs before watching it. To have some points of reference is like a combo of  SuperJail! with Adventure Time, a pinch of Rick and Morty and…porn?

Even though is super-hyper sexualized and some might consider it very offensive, as all the female characters and basically skinny with way too big boobs , running around like chickens without heads looking to be fu..ed, the male characters are none the wiser, without the exception that they wear more clothes and don’t seem to posses huge di..s… Just sayin’!

The animation is really great, the colors and they way that the characters express very visually what they feel, makes you want to go over several times each episode to make sure you did not miss anything. You could stop the episode at each moment and you could have a great poster to put on your wall…


All episodes are available on Adult Swim for free and without an account:


 It was announced as a web series for Adult Swim Video to premiere June 15, 2014; the series was advertised as “too shexxxy” for television. The network conducted an online poll whether episodes should be released daily or all at once; on June 11, the network announced it would release all six episodes of the first season simultaneously. A sweepstakes for the series was announced on June 9, promoting six chances to win original artwork by Villard.

The series is animated by Titmouse, Inc. and produced by JJ Villard’s vanity card, Kurtis;  Mirari Films provided animation for the pilot episode. In an interview at the 2013 Comic-Con, Villard dubbed the titular character as “He-Man on drugs”. Series developer Tommy Blacha went on to describe comments with the network’s Standards and Practices to “better tell [the show].” When asked about the inspiration for the series, Blacha joked that Villard pitched the series to network executive Mike Lazzo with a drawing of the protagonist, to which he approved production of the pilot. The two explained that as Villard started working on it with another producer and driving Lazzo “crazy,” he abandoned the pilot; this led to Blacha joining as producer and toning it down by “two percent.”


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