David Firth’s Health Reminder


“…Just what are you and where do you fit in this world? You may be a grain of piss, dried on the floor of the Queen’s toilets. You may be the most important brick in the least important wall. But, really, you’re just a bit of something on a bit of something else.
It’s important to remember this before expecting anything better…”

Is just some of the advice the doctor gives to an ailing patient. As some of us, maybe lovers of conspiracy theory or realists?, might have realized the medical system is not there necessarily to heal us. Our medical issue might be all in our head, after all what we see and feel is what is real… or is it?

This is an installement of 3 episodes so far, hopefully more in the future, of David Firth, best know for creating Salad Fingers, that is as well featured in the Cartoon section. Enjoy!

You can support David Firth in creating more cool stuff on PATREON https://www.patreon.com/davidfirth
Dr. David Firth’s Health Reminder: Lesson 3.

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