The Finest Of The Breed – A poem by Charles Bukowski


An unexpected ending to a cinematic, lyrical, poetic short, to those who made it and those who watch it… a drink!


After a long week of work, a woman is heading to her favourite Pub by herself, where she will have her Friday shot.

This short film is based on Bukowski’s poem, “The finest of the breed”. You can read it below.

there’s nothing to discuss
there’s nothing to remember
there’s nothing to forget
it’s sad and it’s not sad
seems the most sensible thing a person can do
is sit with a drink in hand
as the walls wave their goodbye smiles
one comes through it all
with a certain amount of
efficiency and bravery
then leaves
some accept the possibility of God to help them get through
others take it staight on
and to these
I drink tonight.


A ·W·A·C· Production

Charles Bukowski

Arlita Dos Santos
Eddie Capli

Director / Editor / FX
Ricardo Serrano

Ben Williams

Rodrigo Moreno

Álvaro Domínguez Vázquez

Voice Over
Henrietta Phoebe

Ben McFarlane

Juan Manzed

Make Up Stylist
Nimra BUtt

Virginia MOTA
Carlos García
Thanks to
Wilson Logan
Alex Fidalgo
Ella loui
Dive nq
This project was a collaboration between friends,
Thanks for your time and effort guys,
you are amazing!!
Manchester, UK

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