TV RECOMMENDATION: VH1 ILL-ustrated (2003-2004)


IMDb Rating: 7/10

This cartoon series is an American version of 2DTV. Is worth mentioning as some of the episodes are quite funny. If you enjoy making fun of politicians/celebrities and possibly having a hungover, one more show for you!

VH1 ILL-ustrated is an animated series that aired on VH1 and was conceived by animation producer Bob Cesca that parodied pop culture and politics. This is the only project that Cesca’s Camp Chaos Productions produced, besides Napster Bad. Recurring characters include satirical caricatures of Axl Rose (who works at a McDonald’s restaurant, and screams people’s orders), Michael Jackson (who leaves Earth in search of a place that will accept him and his monkey, Bubbles), among others.

The animated series were later aired on MTV2 (2006) and SBS (2007).

The majority of sketches are a satirical view of world issues. An example includes SpongeBong HempPants, a parody of SpongeBob SquarePants, in which “SpongeBong” is a green-colored marijuana addict, while “Hashbrick” is a brick of hash. Another recurring parody is of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Yogi Bear featuring Al Gore as the ranger, and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as the meddling bears who cause problems for Jellystone National Park; such mischief includes drilling for oil in the middle of a lake, when explicitly told not to by Ranger Gore.

Other segments are general satires of popular culture, such as Popeye in Anime, a parody of Popeye the Sailor Man as if it was drawn in an anime style, and a segment in which the rock band Guns N’ Roses is working in a McDonald’s and take orders to the tune of their song “Welcome to the Jungle”.

They also frequently poked-fun at their home station’s (VH1) new series of shows having nothing to do with music, such as a segment called VH1’s I Love 5 Seconds Ago, in which famous actors, actresses and singers would tell the best thing about five seconds ago. An example of this would be “I was wearing a total hipster shirt five seconds ago, and I still wear it now. Cool never goes out of style.”



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