Beautifully made animation with an equal background. Is very impressive the contrast between light and darkness in this apparently subdued animation.


A film by Alex Ishida

Based on a personal experience cycling from Tokyo to Kyoto. At the end of the trip in Kyoto I stumbled upon a tiny house with a sign that read “the world’s smallest Ukiyoe museum.” An old Ukiyoe woodcut print master ran the museum out of his home. Before I left he gave me a postcard with a dragonfly print and a poem he wrote. In one part of the excerpt he writes:
「人生で立ち止まり熟考する時があっても、蜻蛉のように複眼で周囲を見回し、引き下がることなく、前に前に力強く進んでいただきたい。」市村 守
Loosely translates into
Sometimes you stop in your tracks to think about life, but like a dragonfly I hope you’ll maintain a good perspective on things with eyes like compound eyes, do not give up, and keep moving forward with all your might. -Mamoru Ichimura

Music composed and performed by Akira Kosemura (小瀬村晶)

Sound Design by Jeremy S. Bloom

Assistant Sound Design Nick Long

Thank you to the Calarts Faculty and to all my friends who made this an amazing year.

Special thanks to
Dominic Bisignano
Robert Domingo
Bryan Caselli
Fran Krause

Watch amazing films made by my talented classmates: 2017 CalArts Character Animation Student Films

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