Syncretic Noise


Good imagery and very good dancing expose an interesting point of view of industrialization, compliance and revolt. It shows how we are building separation from nature, but nature finds its way to move from within us.


A man dances secluded from a city in battle with itself. Syncretic Noise explores how we respond to chaos around us. The dancer’s natural motion continues across cuts over discontinuities of space from forest landscapes to gritty urban life. In a silent dialogue of motion the dancer’s movement convey a struggle to find solace between his permanent objectivity from societal indignations and using dance as an engine to find inner peace.

Director & Editor | Stephen Bullen
Dance & Choreography | Jeff Salisbury
Colorist | Chris Brands
Visual Effects | Xuejing Xu
Sound Design & Music | Stephen Bullen
Production Company | Between The Notes Productions (

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – Best Experimental & Sound Design
HIMP Film Festival – Best Experimental, Best Sound Design, & Best Editing
Paris Play Film Festival – Winner for Best Dance
Loikka Dance Film Festival
NewFilmmakers LA – Nominated Best of 2016 for New Media
Global Music Awards

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