Luminaris (2011)


One of the best stop-motion shorts seen. And for a good reason as it managed to take over 300 prizes in festivals. One man tries to break out of the routine. Will he manage to do it?

326 Awards in festivals. About the short:

In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.
Running Time:
6 minutes 20 seconds

Stop Motion / Pixilation

Original Format:
Digital Photo

Final format:
HD 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

February 2011

Idea/ Animator / Director
Juan Pablo Zaramella

Juan Pablo Zaramella
Gustavo Cornillón

Director of Photography:
Sergio Piñeyro

Director Assitant:
Sol Rulloni

Pre- Production:
Silvina Cornillón

Sol Rulloni
Mario Rulloni

Production executive:
Juan Pablo Zaramella

Gustavo Cornillón
María Alché
Luis Rial

Florence Carriere, Nicole Carriere, Sergio Piñeyro, Diana Ravscovschi, Mario Rulloni, Sol Rulloni, Fabián Cornoló, Victoria Mutti, Germán Castro, Cecilia Nuñez, Cordo, Lucila Las Heras, Gastón Urbano, María del Sol Molina, Gabriela Montero Rico, Josué Jaramillo, Agustín Graham Nakamura, Celina Hiromi Saito, Julieta Troilo, Ciro Paz Osorio, Juan Pablo Zaramella

Additional Animation:
Mariano Bergara
Becho Lo Bianco
Lucila Las Heras
Sergio Piñeyro

Art and Design:
Juan Pablo Zaramella

Art Assistant:
Diana Rascovschi

Ciro Paz Osorio
Diana Rascovschi
Sebastian Hojnadel
Adrian Vasquez

Gustavo Cornillón
María Alché
Luis Rial

Composition and Digital Art:
José Leon Molfino
Alejo Villarino
Roberto Connolly
Mario Rulloni
Peque Varela

Federico Molfino

Diego Gat
Alejo Villarino

Sound Mix:
Diego Gat
Tauro Digital Sound

“Lluvia de Estrellas” (Osmar Maderna, 1948)

Played by:
Orquesta Típica Sans Souci

Recording and Editing:
Mauro Ruda
Katia Ivandic

Recorded at:
Estudios ION

Production Company:


Website of the short:

Electronic Press Kit:

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