Free Event: Women and Animation: from the industry’s sidelines (29 March 2017)



On March 29, at BAU (Barcelona School of Design) will take place the 2nd edition of the Forum of animation this year entitled: Women and animation: from industry’s sidelines.

Organized by GREDITS and framed within the research historical memory and cultural identity of the design, this year’s forum will examine the presence of women in the animated film made at national level (especially in Catalonia, Spain), with the in order to provide a new point of view from a gender perspective, trying to inventory the presence of women in the audiovisual industry of animation.

This publication is intended to preserve the testimony of women who are dedicated to animation and have been involved in different fields, ranging from production to realization through animation and coloring.


12:00 h –  Welcome

12:00 h a 15:00 h – Presentation of the Fòrum: Maria Pagès and Teresa Martínez (GREDITS).

12:30 h – TAULA 1

“Talk with the only female director of Spanish animated featured film”

With: Maite Ruiz de Austri, director of animation.

“Female figures in Spanish Animation”

With: Maria Pagès, animation researcher.

13:15 h – TAULA 2

“Animation in first person”

With: Helena Fàbregas, head of Color Department in Studio Andreu; Isabel Belio, animator; and Carme Moliné, in charge of painting.

“Directors in Animation”

With: Jaume Duran, doctorate in animation and cinema, UB.

14:00 h – Lunch

16.30h – TAULA 3

“Are there females in animation right now?”

Round table with professionals currently working in animation, moderated by Irene Iborra, script-writer and animator for Citoplasmas.

18:00 h – TAULA 4

“Pepita Pardell: from Garbancito de la Mancha to Despertaferro”

With: Jordi Riera, distributer of comics and animation.

“Creu de Sant Jordi a Pepita Pardell”

With: Marta Pardell, niece of Pepita Pardell.

Pardell, the first coordinator of the Spanish animation

With: Carolina López, director of Animac Festival.

18.45h – Round table

19h – Closing


Date: 29 March 2017

Language: Catalan

Entrance: Free

Where: Espai Polivalent, edifici A (C/Pujades 118), BAU, Barcelona

Organized by: GREDITS (Group of research in Design and Social Change). Line of investigation: Historic memories and identity or cultural design




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