TV Recommendation: Salad Fingers (2004-2013)

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

“I like rusty spoons…” is the first line of the first episode. In that moment we knew it was a hit. Very simplistic looking animation, with a slightly uncomfortable feeling.  The voice of the main character and the inflexions used are brilliant and oh, that laughter! If you like being slightly creeped out and being in a continuous limbo of waiting for something to happen, then this is for you!

“Salad Fingers is a British flash animation internet series created by David Firth in July 2004.[2] It gained rapid internet popularity, such that the San Francisco Chronicle ranked it among the “Top 10” pop culture phenomena for 2005.[3]

The cartoon revolves around the eponymous “Salad Fingers”, a thin, green, mentally troubled alien who inhabits a desolate world with three lifeless, scruffy finger puppets. The first seven episodes of Salad Fingers were shown back-to-back in Australia at the 2007 Sydney Underground Film Festival at the Factory Theatre, along with a variety of other animated short films, during the “Re-Animation” session.[4]

The series ended on 24 November 2013, eight months short of a decade. There were just ten short episodes.”


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