Chaud Lapin – Animated Short (2014)


A wild boar is constructing his minituare boat, while his snake-like partner is cooking dinner. The door bell rings! At the door is his best friend, rabbit-like human, and also his partner’s secret lover!

Watch what happens next in this nicely made 3D animation. There is no talking in the entire 5 min 21 sec, however the body language says it all. Great attention to detail and flow of the story-telling, considering this was a graduation film.


CHAUD LAPIN – Graduation Film from Supinfocom Arles.

Directed by :
Géraldine Gaston :
Alexis Magaud :
Flora Andrivon:
Maël Berreur :
Soline Bejuy:

© Supinfocom Arles 2014 – Autour de Minuit

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