TV Recommendation: OFF THE AIR (2010- )


I can not not compare this with MTV’s Liquid Television, as it is the closest know show to it. However, Off the Air is more concentrated on the visual parts, than telling a story. It is absurd, but captivating and it’s definitely worth a watch. Just watch it! 🙂

“Off the Air is an American anthology television series created by Dave Hughes for Adult Swim… The series is presented without explanation or narration as a showcase of surreal footage—animations, short films, music videos, viral videos, film and TV clips, stock footage and morphing psychedelic imagery—arranged around a single loose theme (expressed in the episode title) and blended without pause into a single continuous presentation.

Hughes, a former employee of MTV Animation, first pitched it to Mike Lazzo at Adult Swim after producing a video mixtape for the network’s 2010 Carnival Tour event. As a result of its 4 a.m. graveyard slot and small selection of episodes, the series remains relatively unknown on the network, but has been received positively and dubbed a cult phenomenon by critics and Adult Swim itself.”


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