TV Recommendation: ÆON FLUX (1991 -1995)



IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Though I mentioned this series when talking about Liquid Television, this series has its own merits, not only for the style of animation, but also for portraying a strong female as

the main main character, which is not often the case in the cartoon world. Saw it as very young and, to this day, the intro of it stayed with me. Beautiful work.


“It premiered in 1991 on MTV’s Liquid Television experimental animation show as a six-part serial of short films, followed in 1992 by five individual short episodes. In 1995, a season of ten half-hour episodes aired as a stand-alone series, rated TV-14.[2] Æon Flux was created by Korean American animator Peter Chung.[3]

Æon Flux is set in a bizarre, dystopian future world. The title character is a tall, leather-clad secret agent from the nation of Monica, skilled in assassination and acrobatics. Her mission is to infiltrate the strongholds of the neighboring country of Bregna, which is led by her sometimes-nemesis and sometimes-lover Trevor Goodchild. Monica represents a dynamic anarchist society, while Bregna embodies a police state—referred to on one occasion as a republic by Goodchild.”


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