God Loves Ugly


GOD LOVES (in an) UGLY (way).


“God Loves Ugly is a visual accompaniment to the upcoming album by Chicago rapper G Count and producer Nascent. The film lends a voice to the musician’s neighborhood, its people and their families. The film shows the reality of life in South Chicago, where the epidemic of gun violence continues unabated.

Topsafe London presents

God Loves Ugly

Filmed and Directed by Will Robson-Scott

Edit by Luca Campanale

Produced by G Count and Will Robson-Scott

Colour by Josh Bohoskey at The Mill

Audio mix by Peter Duffy

Title design by Michael Bartz

Music by Enrico Falbo – Il Giorno Del Richiamo Estatico

Special thanks
Chris “Nascent” Ruelas
Brandon Riley
Todd Beee
Deborah Davis
Tim Daukes at HLA
Ickey Red
Lil Steven
Hollywood P
And everyone in Chicago”

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